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There’s more to Southern Sqweeze than just bottled, healthy juices. Read on for updates about the store, our recipes and the benefits of an all-natural, juice-friendly lifestyle.

The Award for Retail Excellence

Kelsey Vasileff

We're so excited to be in the running for the CHA Startup Awards!  The finalists are going to be announced this Thursday at Track 29, and we're ready to be a part of Chattanooga's latest and greatest. 

The CHA Starup Awards is really a great initiative set up by some local folks with the ambition and drive to improve our beautiful city, and even to "redefine the American Dream," as they've stated on their website.  We're so excited to be a part of this.  Check out this article for more detailed information on this week's Startup Awards, including a background on the awards, descriptions, and a list of nominees in each category.  Follow the awards @CHAStartupAward, and wish us luck!