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There’s more to Southern Sqweeze than just bottled, healthy juices. Read on for updates about the store, our recipes and the benefits of an all-natural, juice-friendly lifestyle.

River City Roundabout

Kelsey Vasileff

To juice or not to juice? There’s really no question, as the benefits of juicing are many. Packed with nutrients, juice can leave a body feeling vibrant and promotes good health.

But for Kelsey Vasileff, juicing is more than a delicious way to ingest her vitamins, it’s her livelihood. As the owner of Southern Sqweeze, a new cold pressed juice and raw food cafe in North Chattanooga, she hopes the people of Scenic City are ready for a juice revolution.

“The American diet doesn’t give people the amount of fruits and vegetables they need,” she says. “With juice, you get several servings in each one.”