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We answer your questions about juice cleanses, liquid diets, healthy foods and snacks and juicing recipes with organic ingredients at Southern Sqweeze.



What does “cold-pressed” mean?

Cold-pressing is the process of extracting nutrient rich juice from fresh produce by using high pressure exerted through a Hydraulic Press or Commercial Juicer. The low-levels of oxidation during the juicing process does not compromise the integrity of the produce which results in a juice that is fresh, nutrient dense, rich in color, and full of flavor.

What is the difference between a hydraulic press and a regular juicer?

A normal centrifugal juicer takes a whole fruit or vegetable and liquifies at extremely high speeds, a hydraulic press actually grinds the produce into a fine pulp, after which it applies thousands of pounds of pressure to this pulp, extracting every ounce of juice that the fruit or vegetable can possibly yield. The results are nutritious, smooth-tasting juices. The pressing action allows for little to no air to be introduced into the juice, and because of this each bottle can be kept in sealed, refrigerated containers for up to 3 days with no loss of taste, nutrients, or color.

What is the difference between a store-bought juice and a Southern Sqweeze JUICE?

Most juices you buy at the store have either been pasteurized, depleting almost all of the nutritional value of the juice. At Southern Sqweeze, we do not pasteurize our juice leaving all the nutrients intact for optimal benefits.

Why is my juice separating?

Natural separation occurs. Your juice is still good, just give it a nice shake.

Why does juice only last for three days?

Our juice is fresh. It does not contain any preservatives and it has not been pasteurized. Though this is great for our bodies, this leaves our juice highly perishable. Drink up! 



What exactly is a cleanse?

A cleanse is a brief period of time you give yourself to purify the totality of you by consuming only juice in order to absorb nutrients and enzymes more easily. A cleanse is a great way to give your body a reboot and help change your eating habits for the better. Think of it as returning back to your roots. 

When should I do a juice cleanse?

Anytime is a great time to do a cleanse. Some folks decide to do cleanses after the holidays, yearly, seasonally, or even in sync with the moon phases. Whenever you decide to cleanse, we recommend setting an intention behind yours and listen closely to your body.

Why should I do a juice cleanse?

Feeling sluggish? Weighed down? Tired? About to start a new diet? Need a reboot? A juice cleanse is for you! A cleanse will give important systems in your body a break and release locked-up energy and vitality.

How long does a juice cleanse last?

Most choose to do a 3-5 day cleanse, however some cleanse for as long as 10 or 21 days. 

Alright, alright, I’m sold. What should I expect?

We are so used to chewing sometimes that can be the hardest battle. That is why it is so vital to have an intention behind your cleanse so when you order your cleanse you can keep a positive outlook and stay committed. The effects of a cleanse will of course depend on the person. Therefore some but not all may experience skin irritation, lethargy, constipation (or the opposite) and mild headaches.

Should I exercise or take any precautions?

Absolutely, just be aware of your energy level and always listen to your body. We recommend walking, yoga, and other gentle exercises. As long as you're listening to your body, no special precautions needed.

Will I lose weight by doing a juice cleanse?

It depends, some people will and some won’t. 

What’s my first step to STARTING a cleanse?

Give us a call or shoot us an e-mail! All orders received by 3pm will be processed that day. Orders after 3pm will process the next day. We love helping people prepare for their first juice cleanse and will make sure that you are set up for success! (423) 805-4440, (423) 760-3777, or